White Peak Alpaca Farm in Mobberley Review

alpaca farm in Cheshire Mobberley review

Yesterday we visited the White Peak Alpaca Farm in Mobberley, Cheshire. There were no reviews online and when I went to leave one today; there was nowhere to write a review (edit: I later found their Google page, so perhaps it just doesn’t show on all devices).

Alpacas UK farm

The front page of Google for White Peak Alpaca Farm in Mobberley has some useful information about the farm, but there is also news of a land dispute. Therefore I thought I would write a White Peak Alpaca Farm review, in case the land dispute and lack of reviews was putting people off visiting.

white alpaca mobberley, Cheshire

Usually I only leave a review if I love or hate a place. I am happy to say that we all loved White Peak Alpaca Farm. Ignore the old news if you see it; we were met with a warm welcome by Mrs Hodgson and found our host to be extremely pleasant and helpful. We vowed to return in future when we have our niece with us.

White Peak Alpaca Farm in Cheshire with ducks

The best thing about the farm was that we had all the animals to ourselves. I am surprised it isn’t a very popular attraction, hence me writing this review. Besides the animals there is a lovely shop where you can buy hats, scarves, gloves, slippers and much more. You can even watch the fur being handled on an old fashioned wood spindle. The fur is lovely to touch, I would love some of the white slippers and I bet most women would love the big fluffy white ear muffs for winter. There was an amazing rug too which my parents were almost tempted to buy.

There is an old video about the farm on Youtube, which is useful. I may also publish one on Uscenes without any talking or camera movement. Uscenes is where a friend and I publish scenery videos. However it won’t be the usual 20 minute video. If you want to see one of our new videos I recommend 4K Fireplace Video or our 4K Aquarium Video.

albino wallaby at White Peak Alpaca Farm Mobberley
Oh yeah- an albino wallaby

We are publishing lots of videos filmed around Cheshire, Derbyshire and north Wales at the moment too. Our very best nature video will be out soon, which is beautiful deers in front of a quaint cottage covered in flowers filmed at Dunham Massey, not too far from Mobberley. Check out at Uscenes.com or look us up on Youtube if you want some nice relaxing background videos.

White Peak Alpaca Farm is Well Kept and Very Unique

When it comes to uniqueness White Peak Alpaca farm can’t be beaten. Besides the alpacas (many of which were recently sheared with it being late summer- they look even cuter when they have their full fur), there are also some wallabies including a rare white albino wallaby. There is a sheep, a donkey, a cute shire horse, llama(s), colorful pheasants, ducks, geese and a friendly cat.

cute brown shire horse with blonde hair

Towards the halfway point of my video the heavens opened and the alpacas moved out of shot or sat down out of focus. I may be able to loop a 10 minute segment with creative editing. Lots to do before getting around to that: each video takes days to produce because we edit the colors, saturation, contrast and other bits in our video editing software, before exporting in many different versions. Therefore these photos will have to do for now. I think the alpacas make a great subject for a relaxation video, as do some of the other animals, so I plan to return on my next visit which will probably be next summer.

llama and sheep in cheshire

I tried other videos but it wasn’t a great day for it with the sun popping in and out, plus the intermittent rain. On top of that I was testing out a new long range vintage prime lens I had bought that morning on my new camera, which was not easy on a cheap tripod with windy conditions. Therefore the photos around this page are generally not great and many are out of focus.

By the way I went to The Real Camera Company in Manchester for the lens and highly recommend them for used camera equipment and good advice. I got it to help out my friend’s company Sale Exterior Cleaning who do roof cleaning in Cheshire and Manchester, but I shan’t bore you with those.

Anyway… enough blabbering about my videos, back to the farm…

Joanne and Adrian Hodgson are the owners of this quaint little farm. For those interested in the opening times of White Peak Alpaca Farm; it is open to the public on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10am to 4pm.

ducks in pond cheshire

We turned up on a Thursday afternoon and were a little apprehensive when we pulled in. But Joanne soon came out and welcomed us to view the animals around the farm. The cost is a very reasonable £3 per person. She advised us to call ahead if coming outside of the listed opening times, because she may be tending to the farm away from the entrance. There is a bell you can try if passing and you decide to give it a try.

white peak alpaca farm review

Joanne showed us the animals and explained about their personalities and history. Then left us to explore. We had the whole place to ourselves. It was lovely being so close to such interesting animals. Before leaving we got to see her weaving on a wooden spindle and she explained about the different furs.

White Peak Alpaca Farm
Paddock Hill
WA16 7DB

Tel: 01565 872012

white emus or ostriches UK
White emus or ostriches?

I suggest using a “sat nav” to find the farm. It is a lovely drive through the countryside, so don’t be afraid of getting a little lost. If you do get lost it is opposite The Plough & Flail pub, which might be more known to anyone you ask. The farm is situated at the Wilmslow end of Mobberley. It is very easy to get to from the M56 motorway if you turn off at Manchester Airport.

White Peak Alpaca Farm in Mobberley Review
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