Todo list review Wunderlist 2

review of Wunderlist 2

Todo lists are essential if you want to get organised. You can buy a fully featured option such as OmniFocus or a free, simple option like Wunderlist. Personally I like Wunderlist especially now that they have brought out Wunderlist 2 which has various improvements. The more complicated apps like OmniFocus are probably more suited to managers with large amounts of tasks to delegate. For most of us Wunderlist 2 is more than ample for getting things done efficiently. 

Wunderlist 2 is very similar to the original app. However now when you double click on a task you can add subtasks, notes and a reminder. You can still set a due date like before. In the sidebar you have folders for different categories of tasks. One big improvement is the amount of CPU the desktop app uses. The original app would use us large amounts of CPU when synchronising, now it is very lightweight. I leave the app open and running all of the time on my second monitor.

It is a simple yet effective way to keep track of things and get them done. Tasks can be assigned a red star to put them to the top of the list and give them priority. Some may find this prioritisation system too simple but it does the job perfectly for me and many thousands of other users. The design is clean and simple and ticking of a task is instant.

I spent a while looking at other todo list apps before sticking with Wunderlist. I tried Toodledoo, OmniFocus and a couple more. None worked as well for me as Wunderlist. It syncs well to all devices so it can be put on your Tab, iPhone, PC, Macbook etc… This is important and surprisingly some of the other todo list apps don’t sync to all devices. The best thing about this app is that it is free.  If you want a task list manager there is no need to browse, just download Wunderlist 2 and it will most likely do exactly what you need. The creators understand that sometimes productivity is helped by keeping things simple.


Todo list review Wunderlist 2
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