Stop Using Documents Files with Evernote

I have become more mobile in recent times and enjoy being able to access documents on the go through different devices. Plus I always seem to be creating new notes with Text (Apple’s version of Notepad) and not deleting old document files on Open Office or Pages (Apple’s Word). The solution was simple, to start using Evernote for everything.

I tried Evernote years ago and didn’t get it. I tried adding some notes but I was using it wrong. You need to use it for everything. Thats what I did and it has freed up clutter on my computer. Now everything is in one place on Evernote. I use the app version on my iPad and Macbook, but there is also a web based version if you prefer too. Once logged in you leave it running and input all notes and documents into it. It makes life much more organised.

As a new Evernote user I haven’t used many function yet, but if you are looking to get more organised then I highly recommend it. It includes many functions you get with word processors so there is really no need to go back to the old ways of opening up Text or Pages and then saving new files. You just create categories “Notebooks” and then add “Notes” within them. There is loads more functionality too, check out Youtube for instructional videos.

The only thing I haven’t been able to use it for yet is as a todo list, Wunderlist is just better at that. But other than that I never feel the need to use the old document files system anymore, so it has made life much more simple and productive.

Stop Using Documents Files with Evernote
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