Smallest Phone in the World Review

Smallest Phone in the World Review 1

The smallest phone in the world might just be the Mini Fastphone from cd-r king. This little device is extremely small, which is just what I wanted to use besides an iPod Touch (which isn’t a phone but a great, low priced device). I wanted something small enough so that I could justify carrying around 2 separate devices.

First impressions were great, it is a very new product and I knew I wanted to try it as soon as I saw it in the cd-r king window. I told the sales girl I wanted to buy it (you have to do that to test a product in cd-r king). I put a sim card in and did a test call, it worked perfectly. I had tried this a couple of weeks earlier with a similar sized phone in cd-r king and it didn’t work. Apparently a common problem, so if you are going to get one of these don’t get the cheaper option as they don’t work.

smallest phone review

I was delighted with the phone at first. The options are extremely limited when it comes to settings and what not, can’t even change the ring tone. But this was just intended for texting and calling. The buttons are surprisingly easy to press accurately and the design is pretty cool. Reminds me of a micro iPhone 4 in some ways.

The big problem for me with the Mini Fastphone is that there is no vibrate function. This means you won’t notice someone is calling when in a noisy place. This turned out to be a deal breaker when I realised I’d missed 3 calls in a mall.

This small phone is pretty much useless for my needs. It is only good to use as a spare phone, for example if you went on a boat trip and didn’t fancy risking getting your main phone wet. It works OK if you don’t need any extra features besides calling or texting but for most people it will be too limited.

Smallest Phone in the World Review
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