Samsung Galaxy Grand Vs Cherry Mobile Titan TV

I have been a happy Titan TV user for a good few months, but I got the chance to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy Grand the other day and jumped at the chance. The Grand is around twice the price of the Titan TV so lets start with the main question:

Is it worth paying the extra for the Grand? Really the answer is no. They both do similar things and work just fine. In terms of hardware the Grand is not twice as good. But the Titan TV is a brick compared to the Grand. The size and weight difference is enormous.

The Titan TV has a 5.9 inch screen which pretty much makes it the biggest phone in the world. It certainly comes under the “phablet” category (a cross between a tablet and a phone). The Grand is a tiny 5 inches and it just feels like a big phone. The screen is a bit better and I soon got used to apps at the smaller size. Basically 5 inches is big enough.

The weight difference is massive too. The Titan TV has a massive battery and wider areas around the screen, it looks and feels more like a tablet. In pockets it feels heavy and uncomfortable when seated. The Grand is like a slimline feather in comparison, I can hardly notice it there.

Samsung obviously have millions to spend on testing their devices for usability and this is where the extra money spent really pays off. The Grand has a beautiful design, it looks executive and feels very comfortable in your hand. It is just about about small enough to operate with one hand. It still has a plastic case like other Samsung phones, but this is fine for the sake of being lightweight. When answering calls my ear immediately goes to the speaker on the Grand. On the TTV I often couldn’t hear the person on the other end until I had repositioned it.

In terms of performance it is too early to say. The battery lasts a bit longer on the Grand, perhaps a third or a quarter longer. It might still be necessary to give it a boost if using it all day. Other than that things run just as smoothly on both devices. I’ve actually found the screen to be more receptive on the Titan TV, although that may just be because I’m not used to the Grand yet. Scrolling is very smooth on the Titan whereas on the Grand it seems sluggish.

There are other little differences too which makes the Grand stand out. The Titan TV screen doesn’t flip when you hold the phone sideways, of course it does on the Samsung. This means more games can be played. Although I’ve not tested it yet the Grand will surely have better sound quality on headphones than on the TTV, which was awful.

In favor of the Titan TV; the speaker is too quiet on the Grand which is annoying. If there is any traffic outside or even if you have the aircon or fan on, the Grand is just a bit too quiet when watching videos. The Grand also has a very annoying droplet sound when pressing buttons which can’t be changed (it can be turned off at least).

In Conclusion, if you have got 14,000 PHP to spend get the Grand. It is a lovely phone and the sleek design makes it a joy to hold and use. It is a great value alternative to premium phones like the Note or S3. If you are short on cash consider getting the regular Titan over the Titan TV. Bigger isn’t always better. I originally intended to get the Titan instead of the Titan TV but was swayed by the bigger specs and screen. The Titan TV was a great device but it never really worked perfectly as either a tablet or a phone.

The Titan TV is 7,000 PHP, the Grand is 14,000 PHP. You will need to shop around to get the Grand at that price but it is not difficult. I found a store in Megamall selling it at 14,300 and another just a few doors down selling it at 17,800. If you can’t find a store selling it around 14k  you can buy it off Sulit (just be sure to only buy off a proper seller with lots of good feedback). If you want the 5 inch screen but can’t afford the Grand go for the regular Cherry Mobile Titan which I’ve seen for sale at 5,500 PHP in stores, or they will have new models since I last looked in March. It is not worth buying a Cherry Mobile pre owned unless you know the seller, the price doesn’t drop enough (I sold my Titan TV for 5K within a day of getting the Grand).


Samsung Galaxy Grand Vs Cherry Mobile Titan TV
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