Review of Huawei Y300 Cheap Smartphone


Recently I scrapped my disappointing cheap smartphone from Polaroid when I found a bargain in the Carphone Warehouse. This review of the Huawei Y300 is my way of spreading the news about this awesome bargain.

What caught my eye of the Y300 was the price. It is currently just £39.95 on pay as you go as an upgrade (open to any network sim). Or you can pay an extra £10 for a new sim with £10 calling credit.

It is obviously under priced as I was refused it when trying to buy it in the first store when I asked about using it abroad. I was told “we can’t sell you this phone as the phone company would loose money on it”.

review of the huawei y300 smartphone

I’ve barely heard of Huawei so was sceptical but a bit of searching online made it sound like a decent brand, including a respectable rating for the phone on the Carphone Warehouse website and others.

So I visited the shop and thankfully they had a working display model. The screen looked very acceptable for the price with decent viewing angles. The size was pretty much perfect with a 4 inch screen. The body is similar in size to an iPhone 4 (the Apple device is a little smaller), which means it is good for one handed operation.

These first impressions and low price helped me decide to buy within 30 seconds. First impressions as an owner were also very good. The phone has a comfortable ribbed plastic back and hard rubber side so it is very easy to grip, unlike the iPhone 4 or Samsung phones which I find too slippery.

For £40 the screen is very impressive, miles ahead of my last Polaroid smartphone which will be meeting it’s maker now. I have been able to load up all my old Android apps including games. The phone downloaded them all very easily. Everything was very easy to set up and find on the phone.

The camera is as expected for a phone in this price range- very average, but it is nice to have the feature there. As for specs I don’t take too much notice of these things. It seems to be in line with what I’d consider baseline specs such as having 4GB of memory which can be improved with an inexpensive micro SD card.

huawei y300 review

The speakers are better than expected. Call quality is fine. Basically everything seems to work well enough, including having an acceptable battery life.

Overall this is amazing value if you are looking for a cheap smartphone. It won’t compete with the top phones but they do cost 10 times the price. For £40 you probably won’t find a better smartphone in the world. In fact I recon this is almost certainly going to be the best smartphone for under £40. It will probably be a contender for best smartphone under £80 even.

Should you get this phone?

If you want to spend small like I did then go for it. I prefer to use a tablet for apps and use a phone as a phone and occasional “appage”. The Huawei Y300 is perfectly acceptable for this light usage and I think everyone wold be happy buying this device.