Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy part 1

stop smoking with hypnotherapy

I have finally decided the time to quit smoking is nigh. Hypnotherapy is going to be my chosen “tool” to help be stop this habit. I recently purchased a stop smoking hypnosis download from Self Hypnosis UK who seem to be more reputable than others I looked at. I chose them because they have a no frills website which isn’t too pushy. They seems to have the right credentials too and were quick to reply to my email about the effectiveness of the recording.

The reply I got was that I “should want to quit smoking” and that this may not work if used alone. That actually made sense to me. I have been reading up on methods and asking people. The best advice I have found so far was from a friend who uses positive visualisation a lot. He told me he quit by focusing on all the benefits of not smoking instead of all the negatives like cancer. As I’m not one who uses positive visualisation I decided to give myself a helping hand with hypnotherapy. I’ve got my list of positives though which may be useful to think about when the “pangs for a cig” begin.

This is part 1 of my quest to stop smoking and I will update it in future with progress. That will either be praising the hypnotherapy MP3 or slating it as useless. I’ve been smoking for 25 years and it is really time to quit if I want my body to heal in time. In the past I successfully used a drug called Zyban. I stupidly decided to have just one cigarette when I was on holiday in Goa and that was the end of that. I did try Zyban again a few years later but it didn’t work second time around. I’m not a fan of taking drugs unnecessarily so I’m going to attempt this more natural way first. If it doesn’t work I will give the new drug on the block a chance (Chantix) even though it seems to have some dodgy side effects.

Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy part 1
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