Polaroid PROG400 Review

Polaroid PROG400 Review 1

This Polaroid PROG400 review is an amateur one written because nobody else has reviewed this device yet. Therefore you may see some things omitted that you usually see in mobile phone reviews. 

polaroid prog 400

This phone was bought for the bargain basement price of 3,000 PHP (Philippine Pesos) which is $70. This makes it one of the cheapest 4 inch smartphones in the world from a recognised brand name. Even the local brands in the Philippines are more expensive than this for similar devices. By the way it was bought online off Lazada and costs 500 to 1000 PHP more in stores.

First impressions were great. The design is really nice with a curved shape that fits in the hand nicely. It seems to be thinner than similar models and the silver strip around the edges seems to make it look even thinner. It is lightweight and made of plastic. It doesn’t look or feel like a premium device but it feels well made considering the cost.

Turning on the phone was quick and the next major thing I noticed was the screen. It is a good size at 4 inches but the quality is not good. You need to keep it held in the traditional way. When you look at it from any other angle the quality rapidly diminishes. I can live with this because I rarely hold my phone any other way, but it would be annoying in certain situations e.g. using when lay down in bed. This also means that any apps which require landscape mode are unusable. So forget about watching Youtube videos that way or playing certain games.

The screen is responsive enough when it comes to scrolling, but it does lag at times. Some games which require fast movements are unplayable. There is a slight delay so you end up loosing every time with some games. This phone is not really for heavy usage as a smartphone. I use it for a couple of basic games (in portrait), very light browsing and reading saved webpages.

As expected the camera is terrible. It could take a photo if there was an emergency but the photos aren’t good enough to keep or use on Facebook.

The battery life will probably be the biggest let down, when you turn on the percentage indicator in Settings you’ll notice that it goes down really quickly. I’ve not owned it for long yet so will update about the battery soon, but moderate use will require an extra charge in the day.

Overall the price makes this a great buy if you will not be using it heavily. It is a decent, cheap phone. I have switched to using a tablet most of the time so this is really just to be used as an actual phone and occasionally for apps, like when stuck in traffic. Don’t even try to compare this to a high end device as it won’t come close in any way. For those on a budget who aren’t expecting the earth, the Polaroid PROG400 is a good option.

Update 1 December 2013: Having owned this phone for a while longer I just wanted to add a note. The battery life is horrific on this thing. It was at 62% the other day, I went out for a few hours and used it for maybe 40-60 minutes. It ran out of battery. That is just not good enough so I would now like to advise against buying this phone unless you will only be using it very lightly as it just can’t be used without carrying around a portable charger, in which case you may as well pay for something better.

My advice if you will be using it a lot is to either save up and get a basic phone from a proper brand e.g. Sony Xperia E for 6k with a good battery life, or get a solid used phone like the iPhone 3GS for around 4k. I am managing with the Polaroid but only by using it sparingly.

Also I’ve noticed that the vibrate function isn’t very noticeable and I’ve missed a few calls in noisy places because of this. It was in my jeans pockets so I should of noticed calls coming in. My girlfriend seems to think it doesn’t receive calls very well either as she said I’d often pick up instantly on my old cheap Nokia, but it can be quite a while when using the PRO G400.

Polaroid PROG400 Review
screen is OK from certain angles

Polaroid PROG400 Review
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