Boracay Vs Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera May 2013

Boracay is easily the most popular beach destination in the Philippines and regularly features in top 10 beaches lists for the whole world. After a recent trip to Puerto Galera’s White Beach I decided to compare the two. Read more

Good Place to Live in Hong Kong – Discovery Bay

living in discovery bay in hong kong

I recently visited Discovery Bay in Hong Kong. I’ve always loved Hong Kong but assumed that most people lived in the city surrounded by skyscrapers and traffic. How wrong I was when I saw what a great alternative there is in an attractive bay setting. Discovery Bay or DB as it is known to some locals is located on Lantau Island which is just a short ride by ferry, car or rail to the central business district. If you have ever been to Hong Kong you will most likely of landed on Lantau as that is where the airport is located. Read more

Top 5 Songs To Relax With

best songs to relax with

Looking for a break from work or some good music to listen to when sunbathing? My top 5 songs to relax with should be just the thing: Read more

Getting Hooked on Juicing

My plan to get juicing is going very well (unlike my plan to quit smoking). The cheap juicer I bought (see last post) is working very well. The pulp seems to be quite dry and the motor is running fine. I didn’t attach it together properly once and it ground down the plastic a bit, but it is still fine. The only problem is the cleaning which is a bit boring and takes 5 minutes. The key is to at least give it a good rinse if not cleaning immediately, otherwise the food sticks to it. Read more

Cherry Mobile Titan TV Review

iPhone 4 vs Titan TV

Here in the Philippines the Cherry Mobile Titan TV is hot news at the moment. There aren’t many reviews online so I thought I would chime in with a review of the TTV. Before I start I want to make it clear that I am not a tech blogger and certainly no expert when it comes to phones and tablets. So this is more of an amateur review. There are one or two more thorough reviews online which look at all aspects of the device. Read more

Cheapest Juicer in the World?

cheapest juicer in the world from China

Yesterday I think I may have bought the cheapest juicer in the world. The Kyowa KW-4201 is from China and cost just 600 Pesos, which is less than $14 or £10 (edit: since writing this post I have been informed the standard price may be 900 Pesos in SM). I have been meaning to lose weight and get healthier and juicing sounds like a possible way. I have been confused reading up on the subject online because there is a lot of debate about whether juicing or blending is better. For those in a similar situation, I say find the cheapest juicer you can and just get started! Read more

Quitting smoking with hypnotherapy part 1

stop smoking with hypnotherapy

I have finally decided the time to quit smoking is nigh. Hypnotherapy is going to be my chosen “tool” to help be stop this habit. I recently purchased a stop smoking hypnosis download from Self Hypnosis UK who seem to be more reputable than others I looked at. I chose them because they have a no frills website which isn’t too pushy. They seems to have the right credentials too and were quick to reply to my email about the effectiveness of the recording. Read more

3 Tips To Improve Productivity If You Work From Home

untidy office is bad for productivity

The number of people who work from home is ever increasing thanks to the wide range of jobs available online and improved communications. Some offices now let employees submit work by email and people like me love the freedom of working from our own office at home. Read more

Todo list review Wunderlist 2

review of Wunderlist 2

Todo lists are essential if you want to get organised. You can buy a fully featured option such as OmniFocus or a free, simple option like Wunderlist. Personally I like Wunderlist especially now that they have brought out Wunderlist 2 which has various improvements. The more complicated apps like OmniFocus are probably more suited to managers with large amounts of tasks to delegate. For most of us Wunderlist 2 is more than ample for getting things done efficiently.  Read more

Two of the Best Superfoods to Eat

top 2 best superfoods garlic and turmeric

Superfoods are those which have extra nutritional benefits and possibly even medical benefits. This select class of ingredients will act as a shortcut to achieving specific dietary goals such as lowering cholesterol or help with ailments such as arthritis. In this post I am going to share two of the best superfoods which I have found and what their health benefits are. Read more