Digital Nomad in Manila

Thinking of being a digital nomad in Manila? Well the quick bit of advice I can give you is to avoid it. But I have lived in Manila for quite some time so here are some tips in case you do want to stay in the Philippines capital city… Read more

Digital Nomad in Boracay

Boracay is well worth considering as a destination for digital nomads. The small island is home to a beach which consistently appears in the top 10 worlds best beaches lists. The sand is white and the water is clear. There is a thriving kiteboarding scene on one beach, plus plenty of other activities such as scuba diving. Read more

Christmas Gift Ideas for Skiers

This post should give you some great Christmas gift ideas for skiers. They range from cheap novelty items to high tech gadgets. There should be something in this short list for every fan of skiing. Read more

Polaroid PROG400 Review

This Polaroid PROG400 review is an amateur one written because nobody else has reviewed this device yet. Therefore you may see some things omitted that you usually see in mobile phone reviews.  Read more

Smallest Phone in the World Review

The smallest phone in the world might just be the Mini Fastphone from cd-r king. This little device is extremely small, which is just what I wanted to use besides an iPod Touch (which isn’t a phone but a great, low priced device). I wanted something small enough so that I could justify carrying around 2 separate devices. Read more

Galaxy Grand Review and Comparison to Titan TV

The Samsung Galaxy Grand has been my phone for a month or two now, so it is time for a quick review. I’m not a techie person so this will very much be an amateur style review. Read more

Is forum worth joining?

The quick answer is a resounding no. Read more

Samsung Galaxy Grand Vs Cherry Mobile Titan TV

I have been a happy Titan TV user for a good few months, but I got the chance to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy Grand the other day and jumped at the chance. The Grand is around twice the price of the Titan TV so lets start with the main question: Read more

Rusted Warfare Review Android Game

rusted warefare review

This Android game has been taking up far too much of my time recently. So here is a quick review of Rusted Warfare. This is a game like the old Command and Conquer. Apparently it is also like a game called Total Annihilation too. Basically it is a 2D RTS (real time strategy) war game. Very old school and very fun. Read more

3 Great Free Android Apps For Work

android apps for work

1. Trello for task management
Trello has an excellent free app to compliment their world famous productivity tool. You can use Trello on any device. On my computer it is set as my homepage. I usually have it open all day so that I can extra to-dos, and see what needs doing and what has been done. It is also possible to use it with other people for project management. Read more