Juicing Recipe Reviews

Juicing has to be one of the healthiest hobbies in the world. These juicing recipe reviews are some of my own little creations from my spell as a juicer. I hope you get some good tips here about which ingredients to include or exclude from your juices.

I’ll let you into a little secret… the simplest way to juice is to add any old (not literally) vegetables into the mix but always include an apple. Apples are full of sweet sugar and they completely neutralize most vegetables raw, earthy tastes. Read more

Waterfalls near Chiang Mai

Queen Sirikit waterfall near chiang mai

This post features 3 waterfalls close by to Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

Bua Tong – The Sticky Waterfall

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PSP Vs iPad for Handheld Gaming

PSP vs ipad for gta and pes

The 2014 World Cup is currently taking place and it made me long for a game of Pro Evolution Soccer on a console. I can’t get used to the controls on a tablet so decided to try a PSP. Read more

Stop Using Documents Files with Evernote

I have become more mobile in recent times and enjoy being able to access documents on the go through different devices. Plus I always seem to be creating new notes with Text (Apple’s version of Notepad) and not deleting old document files on Open Office or Pages (Apple’s Word). The solution was simple, to start using Evernote for everything. Read more

Top 5 Best TV Shows For Men

This is a top 5 best TV shows for men list written by a mid thirties Brit. The list has been compiled June 2014, there are also some honourable mentions at the end. As a big fan of TV shows over the past few years I have moved away from watching as many movies. I’ve checked out many TV shows and certainly prefer those aimed at guys, so here goes: Read more

Getting a re-entry permit at Chiang Mai airport

There isn’t a lot of information online about getting a visa re-entry permit at Chiang Mai airport so I thought I would share my recent experience. I’m on a tourist visa and needed to leave Thailand for a week. The re-entry stamp is required to continue using the visa in case you need to exit the country for a while. Read more

Escaping the Smog in Chiang Mai at Hua Hin

Late March 2014 got very bad in Chiang Mai for smog. The air pollution from smoke one day last week was bad enough to urge us to escape Chiang Mai to the beach. After checking out the options we decided to try Hua Hin. This isn’t as exotic a location as the islands but getting there seemed cheaper. Below are my opinions on getting to and from Hua Hin from Chiang Mai by comparing train travel and bus travel. Also the hotels and restaurants we used.
Update March 2018: new post how to be healthy during the smokey season in Chiang Mai

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Review of Huawei Y300 Cheap Smartphone

Recently I scrapped my disappointing cheap smartphone from Polaroid when I found a bargain in the Carphone Warehouse. This review of the Huawei Y300 is my way of spreading the news about this awesome bargain. Read more

Philippine Airlines Manila to London Flight Review

This is a review of Philippine Airlines Manila to London flights. There are no reviews online that I can find so I thought I’d document our trip. The direct Manila to London Heathrow service started early November. It is now mid December and I am in the air. By the end of this review I will of landed in the UK. Read more

Long haul flight travel tips

I have just done a long haul flight of almost 16 hours. To prepare I scoured the web for long haul flight travel tips and used my many years knowledge too. Here are my findings: Read more