Is forum worth joining?

The quick answer is a resounding no.

The reason is that the forum is dead. So it is basically a waste of money. I assumed that even if it was quiet there would be some decent information in the archives. But there are loads of threads with no replies and (for me) no other information of interest.

I expect there are many people like me who are curious about joining and also end up cancelling their subscription within an hour. Which is the reason I have posted this quickie, as my Google search before joining brought up no opinions on the site.

Anyway, for any bloggers curious, just read actual blogs instead such as or search for a different forum, because was useless for me. I actually feel like I’ve been ripped off as most of the forums hadn’t been posted in for well over a month and you very quickly see last replies from 2012.

Newbies might be able to extract some nuggets from but it would be far more efficient to simply search Google for your answers and blogging tips. If anyone else knows of a forum which has experienced bloggers posting non promotional posts, please leave a comment.

Is forum worth joining?
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