Good Place to Live in Hong Kong – Discovery Bay

living in discovery bay in hong kong

I recently visited Discovery Bay in Hong Kong. I’ve always loved Hong Kong but assumed that most people lived in the city surrounded by skyscrapers and traffic. How wrong I was when I saw what a great alternative there is in an attractive bay setting. Discovery Bay or DB as it is known to some locals is located on Lantau Island which is just a short ride by ferry, car or rail to the central business district. If you have ever been to Hong Kong you will most likely of landed on Lantau as that is where the airport is located.

There are various reasons to live and work in Hong Kong. The place is good for tax purposes and and hub for business in Asia. In DB expats from 30 countries have settled down, many of them working for large international companies. The tax benefits also make it good for the self employed who want a high standard of living.

living in discovery bay in hong kongTransport is easy with regular public ferries and other options, so it is easy to commute if working in the CBD. There are no cars allowed in DB which is awesome for us eco friendly types. People get around by walking, riding bikes or driving electric golf carts. This makes the place feel very relaxed, it reminded me of a massive country club. As expected for Hong Kong the general layout and upkeep is very pleasant. Everything feels well planned out.

Discovery Bay property is apparently around 30% cheaper to buy or rent than in the busy districts on the main island. There are plenty of apartments to choose from, all looked quite modern and upscale. There are plenty of shops without it feeling like a shopping district. Apparently there are less than 20,000 residents here from all over the world. This seems just the right amount for DB to have plenty of facilities without feeling too crowded.

The bay is attractive and the actual beach looks like it would be idea for swimming in summer. There were still plenty of people on it when I visited doing various activities. The lack of traffic gave me a nice calming feeling and if I decide to move to Hong Kong I’ll certainly be living in Discovery Bay. I can just picture myself working in the morning then taking a stroll along the bay to a nice coffee shop.

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Good Place to Live in Hong Kong – Discovery Bay
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