Golf Lessons: Turning Pro Was Never Easier

Golf Lessons Fort Lauderdale

Do you feel stuck? You are not alone. All athletes hit a plateau at some point and golfers are not the exception. It is frustrating and discouraging, but you can easily fix it with golf lessons.

They are effective for beginners, intermediate and advanced golfers alike, because even champions like Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy have dedicated coaches who assist in every single aspect of their game.

If you have tried everything and nothing has worked, then keep reading to discover how golf lessons will take your game above and beyond!

A Better Swing

The bread and butter of every golfer. So simple in theory, yet it covers a wide variety of elements: setup, balance, grip, backswing, downswing, torque, etc. Therefore, it is challenging to self-diagnose what is wrong with your swing. So many variables!

That is when golf lessons chime in as the perfect solution, because a professional instructor will be able to identify what elements of your swing need improvement. Such adjustments will allow you to improve your game immediately.

Therefore, if you want to swing with power, precision and class, then you need to take golf lessons with a professional coach. Personally, I took golf lessons in Fort Lauderdale with Duncan Smith, who does a great job. He implements video and has been a PGA Pro for something like 11 years (pictured below).

Duncan Smith Golf Instruction Fort Lauderdale
Duncan Smith Golf Academy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Best Feedback

To improve every single aspect of your game, you need professional feedback. Thanks to golf lessons, you can get a seasoned instructor, with the aid of advanced technology, to bring you a complete analysis of the areas that need improvement.

It is so important that, nowadays, we have different technologies that focus on it like video systems and systems for the motor learning of skills in golf. Of course, such an advanced tech and all the equipment it requires are outrageously expensive. Fortunately, golf lessons put them at your disposal for a minimal fee. You can train like the champions without the staggering price tag.

Furthermore, golf lessons bring you the security and confidence necessary to show what you do worst without embarrassment. You are free to display all the colors and nuances of your game, to receive professional advice on how to fix your errors.

An Impeccable Posture

Proper biomechanics will make your shots more powerful and precise and reduce the possibility of injuries. That is why biomechanics technology is used to improve performance in golf. Furthermore, champions and exceptional coaches acknowledge how critical it is:

“I’m paying attention to all the little things. My grip. My posture. My alignment. I felt like I was getting loose and sloppy with those things. Posture is the most important one. I have to keep checking that I’m not getting too hunched over with a rounded back.” – Adam Scott, Masters Champion 2013.

The spine angle to me, is the key to the golf swing”Tom Watson, 8 times Major Championship Winner.

Champion golfers and science confirm it, your posture matters the most. Unfortunately, correcting such an important variable on your own is extremely difficult. Impossible, we dare to say.

Fortunately, thanks to golf lessons, you will correct your posture based on the feedback provided by your pro instructor. Moreover, you will learn how to stand in the correct position and maintain it throughout the entire swing motion. You’ll feel a gigantic difference in the performance of your shots and how your back feels. More power and no back pain at all.


If you are serious about taking your skills to the next level, then golf lessons are the way to accomplish it. You’ll shortcut your growth, correct your weaknesses and exploit your strengths in record time!

Golf Lessons: Turning Pro Was Never Easier
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