Getting a re-entry permit at Chiang Mai airport

There isn’t a lot of information online about getting a visa re-entry permit at Chiang Mai airport so I thought I would share my recent experience. I’m on a tourist visa and needed to leave Thailand for a week. The re-entry stamp is required to continue using the visa in case you need to exit the country for a while.

I arrived at Chiang Mai international departures just before 7am. After checking in I passed through the baggage check and the re-entry permit stall was directly to the left. It is right next to the luggage machines so you cannot miss it.

There was no-one there but the lights were on. As soon as I got to the desk someone appeared. I have heard elsewhere that it is open all the time, so I assume an immigration officer just attends the desk when they see someone waiting at quiet times.

The process of getting the re-entry permit was quick and easy, taking around 10 minutes. I recommend allowing an extra half hour in case others are using the same service. I provided photocopies of my passport information page, tourist visa page and last entry. I don’t think this is necessary as they have a photocopier and used it for my boarding card.

So that is it, a very easy process which sounds much better than going to the often busy Chiang Mai immigration office before flying. It cost 1,000 Baht and they stamped the same date that I was due to leave before getting the re-entry permit.

Other notes on Chiang Mai airport
This was my first time at CNX and it was very pleasant. The airport is modern, easy to navigate and all staff seemed friendly. The departures lounge has comfortable seating, but just one coffee shop for food and drink (not good sandwiches). There is a smoking room next to the coffee shop which delighted me as I had a full 2 hours to kill before flying, I went early in case the re-entry permit took a while. There is no free wifi for the airport.

Getting a re-entry permit at Chiang Mai airport
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