Getting Hooked on Juicing

Getting Hooked on Juicing 1

My plan to get juicing is going very well (unlike my plan to quit smoking). The cheap juicer I bought (see last post) is working very well. The pulp seems to be quite dry and the motor is running fine. I didn’t attach it together properly once and it ground down the plastic a bit, but it is still fine. The only problem is the cleaning which is a bit boring and takes 5 minutes. The key is to at least give it a good rinse if not cleaning immediately, otherwise the food sticks to it.

Anyway the real reason for this post is to start logging recipes. I found it very hard to find starter recipes online at first. There aren’t many reviews about. So I’m going to create a new page on this site (not a post) and update it regularly with juicing recipes with ratings based on taste. So far I have found that you can pretty much throw anything in and it will taste good as long as you add some fruit like an apple. I’ve not read too much into the nutrition of each vegetable but I’m basically including a root veg like beet and carrot, something green like celery, spinach or cucumber skin, and something with plenty of juice in it like cucumber or tomato. Then add a little fruit like an apple, pear, cantaloupe.

I’ve decided to create a page for the reviews here which I will be keeping updated regularly. But to kick things off here is what I had this morning to replace brunch:

  • half a cantaloupe
  • 2 small tomatoes
  • half a cucumber
  • 1 carrot

That made 300ml and was fairly tasty. Would probably add half a lemon next time as cantaloupe isn’t the sweetest fruit. Taste rating: 3 stars out of 5.

Getting Hooked on Juicing
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