Galaxy Grand Review and Comparison to Titan TV

The Samsung Galaxy Grand has been my phone for a month or two now, so it is time for a quick review. I’m not a techie person so this will very much be an amateur style review.

Previously I owned the Cherry Mobile Titan TV but I decided to move on because of the weight and size, plus my girlfriend was getting embarrassed with me having it lol. So I chose the Grand which is a smaller phone at 5 inches and twice the price. Although it is half the price of the Note. It is basically a cheap Note 1 (same size screen).

Samsung makes slick looking devices and the Grand looks very similar to the premium phones. I got the blue version which is almost black. It looks pretty cool. It doesn’t have a very high resolution screen which is cool with me as I like things big on the screen. In terms of performance the battery lasts longer but the screen feels the same as the Titan.

Actually the Titan is better in some ways as it doesn’t crash like the Grand does and when I take a call whilst on an app I could just press the back button to return to the app. This was particularly annoying when playing Candy Crush Saga once and I lost the chance to complete a difficult level lol.

Pluses for the Grand

– Decent battery life (it lasts all day even with regular use)

– It looks good (very similar to premium Samsungs)

Minus Points

– Sometimes crashes during games and gets clogged up easily (often need to restart it)

– Still very big (even answering a call can be tricky)

As you can probably tell I’m not 100% happy with the Grand. It is a good phone but the size is not good for one handed use. Today I did a little test with an iPhone 4s. I loaded websites at the same time on both devices and there was an enormous difference. The Grand is extremely slow at browsing! Everything looks much better on the iPhone too so that higher resolution should help with the downgrading of the screen size.

So if you are reading this Samsung Galaxy Grand review to see if it is worth buying, my advice is to get a second hand iPhone 4 instead. I’m planning to trade mine in soon and should get 1-2k PHP back in the deal. The Grand cost 13,600 PHP new, although it can be found cheaper online. If you must have a bigger screen I would recommend getting an old iPhone 4 for everyday use and a used tablet or Titan TV for when you want the bigger screen.

Galaxy Grand Review and Comparison to Titan TV
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