Cherry Mobile Titan TV Review

iPhone 4 vs Titan TV

Here in the Philippines the Cherry Mobile Titan TV is hot news at the moment. There aren’t many reviews online so I thought I would chime in with a review of the TTV. Before I start I want to make it clear that I am not a tech blogger and certainly no expert when it comes to phones and tablets. So this is more of an amateur review. There are one or two more thorough reviews online which look at all aspects of the device.


Why did I get the Cherry Mobile Titan TV?

  1. It has a 5.9 inch screen. For me this is the perfect size between a 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab and a phone. This size makes the TTV a “phablet”.
  2. It is really cheap! At 7,000 Pesos this is super cheap compared to the nearest brand name phone which is the Samsung Galaxy Grand at 17,000 Pesos, or the ultimate phablet- the Galaxy Note II at almost 30,000 Pesos. Both of which have smaller screens.
  3. There were one or two good reviews online


So… the basics, does it work well enough?

The answer is a resounding YES. The screen flows well and when you tap something it clicks first time. This was my major concern after trying a Chinese iPhone imitation once which was awful. Cherry Mobile don’t actually make phones, they just find the best non-branded Chinese ones. The bottom line is that the TTV works. It did lag a bit when I was playing a game earlier but that isn’t a major issue. For calls, watching videos and browsing it is fine.

I’ve tried a few games so far. Candy Crush Saga is the one which seemed to lag a bit. I”m not a fan so deleted it anyway. For some reason Angry Birds didn’t work yesterday but does today, perhaps I had too many apps open?  Other games and apps have worked fine. It synced with my Dropbox, to-do list and Google Account easily.  Modern Combat 4 is a high quality game with good graphics which seemed to work OK today after I had closed unneeded apps.

In terms of ease of use, it is great. I’ve not had to read the manual at all. Everything is pretty obvious if you have used Android before. It seems to be feature rich too. Such as easily editing settings and adding widgets to screens.

It comes with a case which acts as a stand, this is great for watching videos in bed. The screen is very sensitive which is a minor annoyance, it easily changes the video if I slightly touch the screen. Whilst we are on videos, I streamed a 2 hour video podcast last night with no issues, so the internet connection is fine.


TTV compared to Galaxy Tab and iPhone 4
TTV compared to 7 inch Galaxy Tab and iPhone 4

Is the Titan TV too big?

For me it is perfect. I love my 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab for watching videos, reading websites and playing games. But it was too big and heavy to carry around. I’m not a big phone user so the TTV is ideal. If you are one of these people that texts all day then the TTV might be too big. You may be better off with the regular Titan which should have a better battery life.

For me the size is ideal and I’ve been waiting for an affordable device this size for a long time. It is just big enough to watch videos in bed or when traveling, and just slim enough to fit inside jean pockets. I don’t watch TV but did try it, I have to say the signal/reception was awful, unwatchable.


Overall Verdict:

An excellent cross between a tablet and a phone for the price.

4 stars out of 5.


I will post another review soon which will include the camera and battery. So far I’ve only owned the Cherry Mobile Titan TV for 2 days but I am very happy with the purchase. It isn’t perfect, but for this price I knew it wouldn’t be. As long as you aren’t comparing it directly with a Galaxy Note, you should also be happy.

Update 11th April:

Since writing the Titan TV review almost 2 weeks ago I have now used it enough to add some more points. The battery was a minor annoyance soon after the review because of long charging times, like 4-5 hours. However I bought a cheap spare usb cable and now it is not such a problem. The extra cable is plugged into my computer so that I can give it a little top up during the day. It was just 100 Pesos from CDR King. The battery lasts a day with moderate use but will run down in around 4-5 hours with heavy use, so the extra cable is a must for people like me.

I’ve not been playing graphic intensive games but the ones I have tried are working fine. The camera is pretty bad, it seems to add color to images taken indoors which make them look fake, perhaps there is a setting to fix this but so far I have found turning lights off helps when indoors. The size is awesome. It is really perfect for me and fits in most pockets easily. I’m quite proud of the TTV and love showing it off in restaurants and to other people. For the price it is really worth a 5 star rating, still highly recommended.

iPhone 4 vs Titan TV
size comparison: iPhone 4, Titan TV, 7 inch Tab

 Update 6th May:

The TTV is still going strong. It is a bit of a chore having to charge it through the day with heavy use, but I guess that is the price you pay for having such a big screen. I recently tried listening to music on the Titan TV and I have to say it sucked, big time! I tried various music players but none were able to get a good sound out of the device. With the TTV headphones the sound is OK but too quiet, even with a music player which can boost volume. With a pair of quality Sennheiser earbuds the sound is too bad to listen to and there was a popping sound.  So I have to use an iPod when listening to music whilst reading or playing a game on the TTV. So if you want this device to double up as an MP3 player with headphones then think again as it isn’t good enough.

Another issue is that the screen doesn’t flip when you hold it sideways. This means some games cannot be played and it also meant trying various pdf readers before I found one that has a landscape function. Also when the Titan TV is in my pocket it answers calls without me knowing (I’ll search for a setting or app to fix this). Other than these issues the only other one is the poor camera. I can live with all these for now and am still delighted with the purchase for the price, but it will be nice to upgrade to a brand name phablet like the Note II one day.


Final Update 1st June:

I was probably too harsh on the camera earlier. Below is an example of a photo taken with the panoramic view option, which is a nice feature to have for things like Facebook cover photos.
Puerto Galera panoramicThe usb charger now doesn’t fit into the phone very well, it needs to be played with to get it charging or you will wake up with an empty battery. The cable I got from CDR King still fits well though so I’ll probably just buy another one of those. Other than that all is good, it is still a little annoying that the screen doesn’t rotate but I can live with that.

Cherry Mobile Titan TV Review
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