Cheapest Juicer in the World?

cheapest juicer in the world from China

Yesterday I think I may have bought the cheapest juicer in the world. The Kyowa KW-4201 is from China and cost just 600 Pesos, which is less than $14 or £10 (edit: since writing this post I have been informed the standard price may be 900 Pesos in SM). I have been meaning to lose weight and get healthier and juicing sounds like a possible way. I have been confused reading up on the subject online because there is a lot of debate about whether juicing or blending is better. For those in a similar situation, I say find the cheapest juicer you can and just get started!

For those in the States the one cheap juicer I wanted to find is the Black & Decker JE2200 juicer. The reviews are good on Amazon and it costs just $36. It is not for sale where I live so I took the risk with the Kyowa. My first juice was thicker than I expected. I’ve only had one glass of juice once before (from a juice bar) and it was much thinner in consistency. I’m not sure if this is normal or because it is a cheap juicer? The main negative with juicing is that it removes the fiber from vegetables so if my cheap machine keeps some of the pulp in perhaps it is for the best.

cantelope, orange and spinach juice

I felt very full after the first glass and plan on substituting one or two meals a day with a nutritious juice. The first recipe was an apple, half a lemon, 3 small carrots, a handful of spinach, a small piece of ginger and a third of a cucumber. It looked nasty but tasted OK. My second attempt this morning was a fruitier breakfast option (see photo) which included half a cantaloupe, 1 small orange and a small handful of spinach. The taste was much nicer.  I’ll do another post in future with an update and some better recipes. There are tonnes of juicing websites online but finding recipe reviews has been difficult so far, so it looks like it will be trial and error. (edit: I have now created a page at: juicing recipe reviews)

Juicing Vs Blending

For anyone unsure which route to go down, my suggestion is to just find the cheapest juicer you can find. You can’t really blend carrots and other root vegetables into smoothies so juicing will give you the option to use more veggies. Blending retains all the fiber but that is pointless if you will only be drinking sugar rich fruit. I will probably look to add a bullet style blender at some point like the NutriBullet as they are very easy to use and clean. With blenders you basically use fruit and some greens like kale or spinach. With juicers you can use much more vegetables which will be better for overall nutrition. I think the ideal will be to use both as it does take a while to clean a juicer and extras like flax seeds can be used in blenders.


Cheapest Juicer in the World?
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