New Cat Cafe in Chiang Mai

Catta Cat Cafe Chiang Mai

Update December 2017: Catta Cat Cafe is now closed, but….

However, we have a found a delightful new cat cafe in Chiang Mai called Cat Brothers Cafe. It is inside the Old City, which is great for tourists. Downstairs they have a cafe and upstairs you can mingle with the cats. Here are most of the cats from Cat Brothers Cat Cafe:


Update mid 2017: Unfortunately Catta cat cafe has closed. There is a new one which has opened inside the Old City of Chiang Mai. It is located on the inside road of the moat on the northern stretch in the North East corner (see above). It features a lovely selection of cats to play with, mostly Persians. The new Chiang Mai cat cafe is called Cat Brothers. The cats are upstairs and there is a cafe downstairs.

Recently I found Catta Cat Cafe. Chiang Mai also has Catmosphere and MaewMoth cat cafes, which are more established and have more cats. I shall concentrate on the newcomer but also do a quick review of the other two below. All three can be found on Facebook with more photos and maps.

Map of Cat Cafes in Chiang Mai

Map of cat cafes in Chiang Mai

Catta Cat Cafe Chiang Mai Review

It seems like this cafe has recently opened (early to mid 2015). Catta Cafe is in Santitham, see my map of cat cafes in Chiang Mai above. For me this is great as I am staying close by and Chiang Mai is very hot at this time of year (April and May), so cycling to the others is pretty gruelling.

Catta Cat Cafe is easy to miss, the sign outside is quite subtle. If you know the pet shop on the road, it is close by and opposite. There is a small selection of around 7 cats, which is enough. There are no persians that I saw although they do have one on their Facebook page. One cat I nicknamed Bagpus as he reminds me of the old UK character, he is quite furry.

The benefit of visiting this new cat cafe in Chiang Mai is that the cats generally enjoy or at least don’t mind being stroked. Only the strange looking white one and the ginger one were wary of us. I have added two galleries below of the cats at our visit to Catta, so you can get a feel for the place and the cats.

The place itself is spacious with simple cushioned seating. It has a nice character about it, with home made decor and unique furnishings. We both drank the hot Green Tea Latte. It was too sweet for my liking and luke warm. It was far cheaper than the other cat cafes though at 50 Baht each. The coffees were similarly low priced so we shall try them next time as they do have a proper coffee machine. Catta Cat Cafe is the cheapest cat cafe in Chiang Mai! The combination of friendly and playful cats, low prices and good location (for us anyway), means this will be our local, so I shall update about other drinks in future.

Catta Cat Cafe Photo Galleries:

Catmosphere Cat Cafe Review

Catmosphere is the best cat cafe in Chiang Mai. It has the best seating and awesome Thai tea with a white frothy top of milk, which attracts the cats to you. It is a very small cafe, which is a good and bad thing. If you get there when it is busy you have to queue up to get in! But if you get there early you can be the only ones in there, with all the cats nearby.

Catmosphere has some of the cutest cats. It is hard to pick the cutest. My partner and I debate it every time we visit, She currently likes the big possibly Bengal one with cheetah spots, I like the grey and cute Persian Yoda. Yoda used to be bullied by the larger one when he was new, but they all seem to get along at the moment.

Catmosphere is not the cheapest but I think it is certainly worth the price to pay extra for the company of such lovely cats. They play nice quirky music like the theme from Amelie. They also have the most comfortable seating (cushions on the floor). Apparently there is a cat cinema which sounds like a first too, it may be in a separate area upstairs and you can take your own movie to watch with the cats.

Catmosphere Cat Cafe Photo galleries:

MaewMoth Cat Cafe Review

This may be the longest running cat cafe in Chiang Mai. It features perhaps the most photographed cat – a large white one, which you will see in the galleries below. He or she has a cute but almost ugly face and is enormous, it is great.

The last time we visited MaewMoth cat cafe we were greeted to the smell of male cat “spray”. Not very pleasant and we witnessed a cat spraying whilst there. This put us off a little as we were leaning against the wall. Like with the others, MaewMoth just has cushions on the floor to sit on.

There are plenty of nice furry persian cats here like at Catmosphere and a few strange looking ones too, which are great to photograph. Not many of the cats liked being stroked here, probably less so than Catmosphere and certainly far less than at Catta where the cats are most friendly.

MaewMoth serves the standard hot and cold drinks which are very nice. The best thing they serve which I have tried is the chocolate lava cake. I adore this and haven’t had it for years, so I was in chocolate heaven for a couple of minutes.

MaewMoth Cat Cafe Photo Galleries