Why Perfecting English Grammar is Essential for Immigrants into Britain

Recently my long term fiancée and I decided to relocate back to Britain for the foreseeable future. I have enjoyed being a location independent online worker, more commonly known as a digital nomad. However, my parents aren’t getting any younger so we have decided to brave the cold for now.

Having worked and lived in Asia for the past 7 or so years, we have been able to survive on less than what is required in the UK. My parents are from Manchester, where prices are lower than London and other southern cities, but it is still a massive jump up in living costs. I was horrified on my last visit just to learn how much a pack of chewing gum now costs (I remember it being 12p, and was like 68p 2 years ago).

Therefore we decided that my Filipina partner would find work too. She has a little care experience, having been the premier carer for her father in his last months (quite a drawn out affair). A good friend of mine is the owner of a nursing home, so she was happy to apply for the job of care assistant.

There are no qualifications required and like many from the Philippines, she speaks excellent English. However her grammar is not perfect and she has an American accent. Therefore I found her an English school in Manchester where she could could perfect those grammatical mistakes and speak more like the residents. We choose Communicate School of English as it is very reasonably priced and looks like a really friendly place:
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Stop Using Documents Files with Evernote

I have become more mobile in recent times and enjoy being able to access documents on the go through different devices. Plus I always seem to be creating new notes with Text (Apple’s version of Notepad) and not deleting old document files on Open Office or Pages (Apple’s Word). The solution was simple, to start using Evernote for everything. Read more

Digital Nomad in Manila

Thinking of being a digital nomad in Manila? Well the quick bit of advice I can give you is to avoid it. But I have lived in Manila for quite some time so here are some tips in case you do want to stay in the Philippines capital city… Read more

Digital Nomad in Boracay

Boracay is well worth considering as a destination for digital nomads. The small island is home to a beach which consistently appears in the top 10 worlds best beaches lists. The sand is white and the water is clear. There is a thriving kiteboarding scene on one beach, plus plenty of other activities such as scuba diving. Read more

Is forum worth joining?

The quick answer is a resounding no. Read more

3 Great Free Android Apps For Work

android apps for work

1. Trello for task management
Trello has an excellent free app to compliment their world famous productivity tool. You can use Trello on any device. On my computer it is set as my homepage. I usually have it open all day so that I can extra to-dos, and see what needs doing and what has been done. It is also possible to use it with other people for project management. Read more

3 Tips To Improve Productivity If You Work From Home

untidy office is bad for productivity

The number of people who work from home is ever increasing thanks to the wide range of jobs available online and improved communications. Some offices now let employees submit work by email and people like me love the freedom of working from our own office at home. Read more

Todo list review Wunderlist 2

review of Wunderlist 2

Todo lists are essential if you want to get organised. You can buy a fully featured option such as OmniFocus or a free, simple option like Wunderlist. Personally I like Wunderlist especially now that they have brought out Wunderlist 2 which has various improvements. The more complicated apps like OmniFocus are probably more suited to managers with large amounts of tasks to delegate. For most of us Wunderlist 2 is more than ample for getting things done efficiently.  Read more