When Does Chiang Mai Smokey Season End?

Update 14th April: It was a false alarm, the smokey season didn’t end. In fact today it is as bad as ever at 194 AQI. This is probably as bad as it has been, I haven’t seen the readings this high. The mountain has gone again. Plus what’s worse is that nearly everyone in Chiang Mai will spend most of the day outdoors today for Songkran. Yesterday it seemed like everyone spraying water cleaned up the pollution a lot by evening, but today has started much worse.


Here is the league of PM2.5 fine particle readings complied by AirVisual:

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand 194 (AQI)
  2. Lahore, Pakistan 177
  3. Port Harcourt, Nigeria 172
  4. Delhi, India 170
  5. Kathmandu, Nepal 168

Chiang Mai Smokey Season 2018 just ended 2 days ago after some wind and rain made the transformation in the photo below. Which means you can pretty much rely on early to mid April being the end of the burning season (lets now call it the end of April), when Chiang Mai pollution levels are often some of the very worst in the world.

when does Chiang Mai smokey season end


Chiang Mai is the unhealthiest tourist destination in the world in February, March and April

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New Cat Cafe in Chiang Mai

Catta Cat Cafe Chiang Mai

Update December 2017: Catta Cat Cafe is now closed, but….

However, we have a found a delightful new cat cafe in Chiang Mai called Cat Brothers Cafe. It is inside the Old City, which is great for tourists. Downstairs they have a cafe and upstairs you can mingle with the cats. Here are most of the cats from Cat Brothers Cat Cafe:


Update mid 2017: Unfortunately Catta cat cafe has closed. There is a new one which has opened inside the Old City of Chiang Mai. It is located on the inside road of the moat on the northern stretch in the North East corner (see above). It features a lovely selection of cats to play with, mostly Persians. The new Chiang Mai cat cafe is called Cat Brothers. The cats are upstairs and there is a cafe downstairs.

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Waterfalls near Chiang Mai

Queen Sirikit waterfall near chiang mai

This post features 3 waterfalls close by to Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

Bua Tong – The Sticky Waterfall

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PSP Vs iPad for Handheld Gaming

PSP vs ipad for gta and pes

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Getting a re-entry permit at Chiang Mai airport

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Escaping the Smog in Chiang Mai at Hua Hin

Late March 2014 got very bad in Chiang Mai for smog. The air pollution from smoke one day last week was bad enough to urge us to escape Chiang Mai to the beach. After checking out the options we decided to try Hua Hin. This isn’t as exotic a location as the islands but getting there seemed cheaper. Below are my opinions on getting to and from Hua Hin from Chiang Mai by comparing train travel and bus travel. Also the hotels and restaurants we used.
Update March 2018: new post how to be healthy during the smokey season in Chiang Mai

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Philippine Airlines Manila to London Flight Review

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Long haul flight travel tips

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Boracay Vs Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera May 2013

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living in discovery bay in hong kong

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