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Turning My TV into an Impressive Fish Tank Using a Real Fish Tank 4K Screensavers from Uscenes

Aquarium Screensaver

Recently I became surprisingly fascinated with fish and all other sorts of marine life after spending an evening browsing clips of divers and their underwater escapades on YouTube. Of course, with my own boredom egging me on and plenty of “related videos” just begging to be watched, it was only a matter of time before I stumbled upon tempting media related to aquariums. Read more

Best Climbing Movies

best rock climbing movies

20 Rock Climbing Movie Reviews

Below are 20 of the best rock climbing movies ever made. In no particular order, but each one is rated and features the trailer where available. Essentials include Reel RockFirst Ascent TV series and Asgard Jamming.   

Valley Uprising Review Reel Rock 9

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Manchester Cat Cafe Vs London Cat Cafe Dinah’s

manchester cat caafe review

This battle of the UK’s top (and possibly only) cat cafes is based on walking past the recently opened Manchester Cat Cafe and going inside to speak with the staff. We haven’t actually had a chance to spend time with the cats yet, because it has been very popular: 3,000 people applied just to visit to spend a little time with the cats before the opening. Media has been in a frenzy over this newest cat cafe. Read more

White Peak Alpaca Farm in Mobberley Review

alpaca farm in Cheshire Mobberley review

Yesterday we visited the White Peak Alpaca Farm in Mobberley, Cheshire. There were no reviews online and when I went to leave one today; there was nowhere to write a review (edit: I later found their Google page, so perhaps it just doesn’t show on all devices).

Alpacas UK farm

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Amazon Letting Marketplace Scammers Rip Off Customers

This is an outing of the incompetance of Amazon.co.uk who are letting known scam artists rip people off from Amazon.co.uk

I believe I have fairly good evidence that Amazon.co.uk is indirectly ripping people off by not stamping down on fraud. By allowing the fraudulent orders to stand, Amazon is acting highly irresponsibly (my experience today was one of indifference as you will see from the chat transcript below). Read more

The One Thing I Miss About the Philippines is Food

After leaving the West many years ago, I spent a few years living in the Philippines. It has good points and bad points. The beauty of the islands and their beaches is breathtaking at times. It is a great place to explore if your idea of paradise is white sand beaches.

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Best Version of Pure Imagination

best version of Pure Imagination Gene Wilder

Growing up I loved two movies; The Goonies and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Recently I started singing the awesome song Pure Imagination and went to Youtube to listen.

There is the original from the movie, which has talking and sounds effects. But there also seemed to be many others.

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Top 5 Best TV Shows For Men

This is a top 5 best TV shows for men list written by a mid thirties Brit. The list has been compiled June 2014, there are also some honourable mentions at the end. As a big fan of TV shows over the past few years I have moved away from watching as many movies. I’ve checked out many TV shows and certainly prefer those aimed at guys, so here goes: Read more