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Turning My TV into an Impressive Fish Tank Using a Real Fish Tank 4K Screensavers from Uscenes

Recently I became surprisingly fascinated with fish and all other sorts of marine life after spending an evening browsing clips of divers and their underwater escapades on YouTube. Of course, with my own boredom egging me on and plenty of “related videos” just begging to be watched, it was only a matter of time before […]

Amazon Letting Marketplace Scammers Rip Off Customers

This is an outing of the incompetance of Amazon.co.uk who are letting known scam artists rip people off from Amazon.co.uk I believe I have fairly good evidence that Amazon.co.uk is indirectly ripping people off by not stamping down on fraud. By allowing the fraudulent orders to stand, Amazon is acting highly irresponsibly (my experience today was one of […]

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