Bucket List Ideas

New Cat Cafe in Chiang Mai

Catta Cat Cafe Chiang Mai

Update December 2017: Catta Cat Cafe is now closed, but….

However, we have a found a delightful new cat cafe in Chiang Mai called Cat Brothers Cafe. It is inside the Old City, which is great for tourists. Downstairs they have a cafe and upstairs you can mingle with the cats. Here are most of the cats from Cat Brothers Cat Cafe:


Update mid 2017: Unfortunately Catta cat cafe has closed. There is a new one which has opened inside the Old City of Chiang Mai. It is located on the inside road of the moat on the northern stretch in the North East corner (see above). It features a lovely selection of cats to play with, mostly Persians. The new Chiang Mai cat cafe is called Cat Brothers. The cats are upstairs and there is a cafe downstairs.

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Best Bucket List Idea in South Thailand is Rock Climbing

best bucket list idea south thailand

For an adventurous bucket list idea, you will love rock climbing in Railay. It is located in the Krabi province of Thailand. This region is popular for having some of the best limestone climbing routes in Asia, if not the world. There are many options which range from novice walls to difficulty levels to thrill even the most experienced climbers.

What makes Railay such a great place to go climbing is the natural beauty of the region. The beaches can be stunning. You can wake up at dawn and go for an early morning climb, then lounge on the beach for the hottest part of the day, then hit the walls again when the sun starts to go down. When you have worked up a sweat, having a tropical sea to dive into is a godsend.

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Best Bucket List Idea in Philippines is Swimming with Whale Sharks

donsol sunset in the philippines

Swimming with whale sharks is a popular bucket list idea. Whale sharks sound that little bit more thrilling compared to the cliched swimming with dolphins. These amazing creatures aren’t whales but they are sharks. And they are massive.

They swim very slowly and aren’t at all aggressive. It is quite safe to swim alongside them. I even saw our guide mistakenly jump into one’s mouth. He was fine because whale sharks only feed on very small sea life. Read more

Best Bucket list Idea in Indonesia is Mount Bromo

best bucket list idea in indonesia is mount bromo

One of the must-see sights in the world is Mount Bromo. This amazing landscape of volcanos is best experienced at sunrise. The location is Java in Indonesia.

Mount Bromo is a sight to behold. I visited 10 years ago and it still sticks in my mind as the most spectacular natural wonder I have seen or will likely ever see. Read more

Best Bucket List Idea in Venezuela is Roraima

mount roraima in Venezuela bucket list idea

Deep in the rain forests of Venezuela lies Canaima National Park. This remote region is home to the table mountains, named because they have large peaks which resemble a tabletop. These unique natural structures were formed billions of years ago when South America was part of a large continent with Australia and Africa. Read more

Best Bucket List Idea in North Thailand is Songkran

north thailand bucket list idea

Songkran is an annual festival celebrating the Thai new year. There are some religious celebrations and traditions, but the part we are concerned with is the water splashing festival.

All across Thailand locals and tourists take to the streets for 4 days of water splashing fun. No one is safe from being drenched. There is a national holiday for the festivities. Read more

Best Bucket List Idea in India the Taj Mahal

Agra India Taj Mahal most beautiful building

Whether architecture and history are your things or not, one item which needs to be on your bucket list is visiting the Taj Mahal. This national treasure of India seems like a cliche to add to a list of things to do before you die, but there is a good reason it is so well know; the place is truly stunning. Read more