Best Bucket list Idea in Indonesia is Mount Bromo

best bucket list idea in indonesia is mount bromo

One of the must-see sights in the world is Mount Bromo. This amazing landscape of volcanos is best experienced at sunrise. The location is Java in Indonesia.

Mount Bromo is a sight to behold. I visited 10 years ago and it still sticks in my mind as the most spectacular natural wonder I have seen or will likely ever see.

The days starts early, very early. You spend the night in a hotel up in the mountains. Indonesia is a very hot country so you will likely be cold at this height. There are blankets and even jackets for hire.

You reluctantly get out of bed in complete darkness and are then driven out to the viewing point. As you struggle to keep warm, you keep your eyes peeled for any sign of sun light. At this point you will be thinking “why did I bother” and “I hope this is worth it”. Then the sun starts to emerge from the horizon.

Within minutes the sky is filled with rays of light. These laser beams in the dark sky are stunning and help to reveal the silhouette of Mount Bromo and the other volcanos. As the sun rise, the valley becomes visible around the peaks. It is covered in cloud and seems to pour off the edges. This is a blissful time for photographers and a scene which leaves everyone with their jaws dropped.

The next part of the trip is to venture toward Mount Bromo’s smoking crater. You are taken down to the valley where you walk through the clouds. The setting reminded me of the moon. The area is covered in fluffy volcanic ash. You walk up the volcano until you reach the rim of the crater.

Looking down you will see inside the smouldering volcano. You will smell the sulphur in the air. You look back to appreciate the moonscape you have just walked through. It is quite a feeling to actually get up close and personal with a live volcano. Then your morning is over and it is time to head back and explore more of Indonesia.

If you enjoyed Mount Bromo, no doubt you will want to continue east to the island of Flores, where more volcanic wonders await.

How To Get There

Most people visit Mount Bromo as a side trip from Bali, the popular island for tropical beach lovers. From Bali you take a bus, then a boat, then another bus. I’m guessing the journey will take at least half a day. For those travelling around Indonesia, Bromo is included as part of the route through Java. The effort and time it takes to get there is absolutley worth it.

Where to Stay

There are a small number of resorts close to the viewing area. The choice isn’t great but you will find resonable accommodation. Most people stay just for one night but it you have the time it is probably worth booking two. Some mornings you may not get the beams of light in the sky or the sunrise could be blocked by clouds, so hedging your bets by booking two nights is wise.

Best Bucket list Idea in Indonesia is Mount Bromo
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