Amazon Letting Marketplace Scammers Rip Off Customers

This is an outing of the incompetance of who are letting known scam artists rip people off from

I believe I have fairly good evidence that is indirectly ripping people off by not stamping down on fraud. By allowing the fraudulent orders to stand, Amazon is acting highly irresponsibly (my experience today was one of indifference as you will see from the chat transcript below).

Yesterday I alerted Amazon UK to a fraudulent order which was created by an Amazon Marketplace seller who had 27,000+ ratings, plus at least two other accounts with fewer ratings. The order was created after I emailed them directly after no response from the internal messaging system.

The Marketplace seller is called ASK. Today it seems they began a new trading account called AskDirect Center. They also run at least one other account: Monkey Beds. It was easy to connect the dots- they are all selling the same product brand new for way below the RRP (recommended retail price) with the same email address. The only chance it is not ASK is if they do not own the email address used in the screenshots below and if their account was hacked.

Today I opened up live chat again because I saw the seller was still offering the product. This time Amazon UK dodged the fraudulent facts and said it is an issue. This is despite me not visiting the .com version of the site recently and sending multiple links regarding the product and seller in question.

The Amazon Marketplace seller used branding to generate a very easily spottable fraudulent order invoice. There was plenty of branding for Amazon on the order, but no way to see the order in my account. In my first conversation with Amazon they confirmed the order number was not a real one. Today they are saying it is an order with, but it doesn’t appear in my US account and the seller has no answer for how to see the order ( were more helpful and confirmed it is a fake order ID, as you will see from their chat transcript below).

The amount in question is £710 which has been requested as a bank transfer. This was sent to me with branding which you will see in the image below.

Note to Amazon: I have of course hidden my personal details. You and the seller have these and I have informed you that this article will be posted on this website. If you can’t connect the dots use the contact form and I will share my name and address with you. These are not idle accusations and I have nothing to hide. I have plain facts which you have chosen to ignore, so I am doing the right thing and outing the fraud which you appear to be allowing.

Photo Proof that Amazon is allowing Marketplace sellers to scam consumers:

Photo 1: I was not replied to by ASK when I contacted them through the system on the website (I was a few days later). Therefore I used their email and this is the first part- they ask for my personal details to generate the order: (click images to expand)

amazon uk scammer asking for personal detailsPhoto 2: This is the fake order generated by the scammer. I have blurred out my own details for my protection. Amazon have been sent this page text in advance but they refused to comment so they know who I am and what I am up to. The photo below uses Amazon branding to create an initially convincing invoice. But when I checked my account there was no order to be found. Click to enlarge, apologies for the blue lines- my screenshot Chrome extension isn’t great- for this one it may be best to right click on it then copy link and open in new tab to show the full size photo…

rip off amazon uk marketplace scammer


Photo 3: I couldn’t find the order on my Amazon account so here is where I contacted them with live chat. They confirm that the order number is fake:

amazon uk scammer reporting through live chat


Photo 4: Continuation of the initial live chat. here the customer service rep wisely suggests that the seller didn’t send the email. So am I being harsh by accusing ASK? Have they had their account hacked? I didn’t think so and the photos below will soon have you on my side. I am not directly accusing ASK, but I am saying it looks very much like it is them who are doing this- only Amazon will know from records tying the common email address to the additional accounts you will see below.


Photo 5: The next day I didn’t get a response from Amazon. So I begun another “live chat”. This time the customer service agent said it was an issue for to cut a long story short this person said it was an oder there and I felt “fobbed off”. I then went to and they confirmed the order number was fake like above, the images below are not necessary to see. The ones above above are what is important. After this image are more ASK related accounts all tied together by the same email address. I am happy to forward the full official transcript copy email to any interested parties:

amazon uk pass the buck


Photo 6: I then contacted who also confirmed the order number was a scam:

amazon US confirm the fake order

Photo 7: This person told me to report the incident to I received no response except for a general automated reply. So I did a little digging myself. First I went back to the product and found the seller has begun using a different account which just happened to have the same email address and a request to contact before buying. Looks like “monkey business” to me:

amazon scammer tried to bend the rules

Photo 8: Later the rip off artist wasn’t so artful, so he decided not to risk this extra account. He created a new account with the highly unoriginal name of AskDirect Center:

scammer on amazon uk openes new account


I have more screenshots for interested parties- just use my contact page.


Missing Evidence?

There is one piece of evidence missing- the email which appears on Monkey Beds and AskDirect Center does not appear on my screenshots from the initial contact I made with ASK. Therefore I cannot directly accuse ASK. But I used to find their email to contact them, so Amazon will know. Plus the fact that the new Market place seller was called AskDirect Center is a pretty obvious sign.

What is next?

I am sure Amazon will be on my case now that it is public. This far they have ignored my request for an update. ASK need to distance themselves from the scammers- if possible. The lame attempts to use other accounts looks very dodgy to me – there was a third additional account (same footprint/email) used too.

Amazon Letting Marketplace Scammers Rip Off Customers
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