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review of Wunderlist 2

Todo list review Wunderlist 2

Todo lists are essential if you want to get organised. You can buy a fully featured option such as OmniFocus or a free, simple option like Wunderlist. Personally I like Wunderlist especially now that they have brought out Wunderlist 2 which has various improvements. The more complicated apps like OmniFocus are probably more suited to managers with large amounts of tasks to delegate. For most of us Wunderlist 2 is more than ample for getting things done efficiently. 

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top 2 best superfoods garlic and turmeric

Two of the Best Superfoods to Eat

Superfoods are those which have extra nutritional benefits and possibly even medical benefits. This select class of ingredients will act as a shortcut to achieving specific dietary goals such as lowering cholesterol or help with ailments such as arthritis. In this post I am going to share two of the best superfoods which I have found and what their health benefits are.

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samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – Ideal For Breaks From Work

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is the ideal gadget for those who want something to do for quick 10-15 minute breaks from work. For me it is the perfect way to step away from my desk and zone out for a while. I use mine mostly for playing games, reading RSS feeds and checking email. It is great value even if you don’t use it often. The Tab is a great travel companion and has kept me entertained with TV shows when waiting around in airports. Lets look at what it can be used for and why the Tab 2 is better than the original…

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