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Cheap ultra wide angle lens MFT

Cheapest M43 Ultra Wide Angle Lens

Cheap UWA Option for Micro Four Thirds Cameras

This is a solution for those who want to take wide angle photos and videos without spending a thousand dollars on an expensive Olympus or Panasonic lens. The lens is the Panasonic 12-32mm f3.5-5.6 with the Ricoh DW-6 wide angle converter attached. This gives you a focal length of 9.5mm (12mm x 0.79).

The image above shows the combination at 9.5mm (f9). The inset image is the 12-32mm at 12mm (f3.5). With the converter attached to the lens it is best to stop the aperture down a little, although f9 was probably too much- f5.6 or f8 would have been better. As you can see the field of view is significantly wider compared to the lens alone at 12mm.

This combo cost me under £140 new, including a 37mm to 43mm step-up ring. However, I probably got lucky with the wide angle adapter with it being sold for around £30 on eBay and marked as new. The Panasonic 12-32mm was new and separated from a kit on eBay. Step up rings are something like £2.49.

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review of polaroid phone

Polaroid PROG400 Review

This Polaroid PROG400 review is an amateur one written because nobody else has reviewed this device yet. Therefore you may see some things omitted that you usually see in mobile phone reviews.  This phone was bought for the bargain basement…

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