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What is a Bucket List?

A bucket list is simply a collection of things you should do before you die. The bucket part of the phrase comes from the old term “kick the bucket” which means to die. So it is a list of things which are so essential that they simply must be experienced before you kick the bucket.

A bucket list can contain anything at all, it is not limited to activities things like swimming with dolphins. A bucket list can include more abstract things like quitting smoking or telling someone you love them. Of course you want some once in a lifetime experiences in there too. This could include extreme sports or visiting amazing places on the other side of the world.

Whats Makes A Great Bucket List?

Everyone should have their own unique bucket list. We all have unique personalities, cultural and family backgrounds, and we all have our own ideas about what we call fun. So don’t be too concerned about what is other people’s lists. It is important that you think about what you really want to experience and achieve before you die.

The best bucket list is the one you make, because it is perfectly suited to you. That doesn’t mean you should close yourself off to new ideas though. Part of the fun of creating a great bucket list for yourself is asking others and reading up on great ideas in books and online. The more you explore people’s bucket list items and possible things you may like online, the more great ideas you will find for your list.

How to Make a Bucket List?

Start by asking your friends and family what the top 5 things are they want to do before they die. This usually makes for fun conversation as everyone enjoys taking about their dreams, wishes and goals. Your closest friends and family are the ones who will probably give you the best ideas to add to your list.

Books are dying out for most people, but they are a great resource for collecting and researching bucket list ideas. Start close to the travel guide section where you will see larger reference books about amazing places, journeys and adventures. These hardback books make great coffee table reading as they are often full of amazing photos. Companies like National Geographic and Lonely Planet have some excellent books like this.

The internet holds the key to an infinite amount of bucket list ideas. You can browse all day and still have too many resources to get through. In fact you can probably browse online for a month before you start to run out of ideas. Check out Pinterest for photo ideas (good when you are tired as you don’t need to read). Also browse websites like National Geographic for destination ideas. If you have a hobby search for what people who are experts in the hobby have done or achieved, you may also decide that is something you can and should do too.

To collect a bucket list you can use a note pad and paper or a scrapbook. If you use electronic devices more than pens and paper, you can use apps for this. For example Evernote is a great place to collect bucket list ideas as it can be synced on all your devices. It is a note taking app with lots of extra functionality such as grabbing photos or excerpts from websites. It can be organised into separate notebooks, so you can categorise ideas by importance or themes.